TS-logo21Unfortunately we couldn’t find a video of Obama covering Rihanna’s hit song “Umbrella”, but instead found that Obama has called in a couple of Marines to hold umbrellas for him and the Turkish Prime Minister when rain began to fall in Washington, DC today. Obama specifically asked the nearby Marines to stand beside the two world leaders as a couple of raindrops hit their heads. The Marines were highly professional, and the way that they came sprinting up towards the world leaders with umbrellas ready has sparked a viral GIF (graphical interchanging photos that make a short “video”) on the Internet.

No more rain = Obama's all good.

No more rain = Obama’s all good.

Random Tweeters have taken to Twitter to express themselves about the matter, as well as posted pictures of past Presidents who have had an umbrella held for them. A majority of people are saying that Obama’s action was a wrong call — these Marines don’t deserve to be degraded to umbrella holder rank. Others find it to be a noble gesture from the Marines, as we can imagine that they feel honored to do such a thing. What’s your stand on the matter? We’d love to know!